Monday, October 7, 2019


Two of our GVDA members did well in the recent Lake Erie Classic Dart Tournament. Here are teh results:

Johnny Lee Jenkins:

1st:  501 Singles and 501 Doubles
Top 8:  Mixed Trips

Scott Fuller:

2nd:  Cricket Singles
Top 8:  501 Singles, Blind Draw, 501 Doubles
Top 16:  Cricket Doubles

Great shooting!!

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Fall Sign-up Tournament Results

Great showing for the tournament..15 teams!!


1st: Johnny Lee and Reggie Rollo
2nd:  Glenn Wilson and Bill Hagan
3rd:  Chris Simpson and Jon Bumbarger
4th: Pat Mangan and Bus Clark

Great shooting!!

Saturday, August 31, 2019

Monday, August 26, 2019


Fall League sign-up and Blind Draw tournament is tomorrow..August 27th at Sunset Lanes. 7 pm!

No player dues are due unless just playing for the fall. Dues for the Fall only is $15. Tavern Fee is $60. Membership makes you eligible for any remaining tournaments and ADO qualifiers.

Tournament is open to all GVDA players (rostered or general members). $5 to play. 100% payout plus  $240.  Blind draw, Rochester format, single/double elimination determined by turnout.

Looking for a team or tavern? Let us know..we can help!

Sunday, July 7, 2019


Summer season mid-season tournament is coming up Tuesday July 9th at McGinnity's.

7 pm sign-up; 7:30 start time

Blind draw. Format (single or double elimination) determined by turnout. $5 to play. 100% payback plus $240 added to the pot.

Open to all GVDA members in good season - even if you are not playing the summer season. Not a problem! Pay your dues at sign-up to be a general member and you can play this tournament as well as the rest of the sign-up and mid-season tournaments and the remaining two ADO qualifiers.

Friday, May 17, 2019

Summer Sign-up Blind Draw Results

We had 9 teams for the Summer Sign-up Blind Draw Tournament and here are the results:

1st - Chris Simpson and Michael Nguyen
2nd - Nick Maguire and Dale LaFrance
3rd - Steve Ellingham and Dave McCrarry

Good shooting!!

2019 Rochester Open Results

Complete 2019 Rochester Open Results:

101 Singles:

1st - Steve Neu
2nd - Micheal Morgan
3/4 - Steve Zollweg
Matthew Holt
5-8 - Kevin Alger
Doug Chapman
John Murphy
Alex Moran

Friday Blind Draw:

1st - Elmer Kempt/Jon Farleo
2nd - Chris Simpson/Matthew Holt
3rd - Steve Neu/Matt Herne
4th - Dale LaFrance/Clayton Crout

Women's 501 Singles:

1st - Cali West
2nd - Erica Mardo
3rd - Robin Curry
4th - Christina Bennett

Men's Singles 501

1st - Michael Nguyen
2nd - Howard Minor
3/4 - Gene Walts
Jeff Weiskopff
5-8 - Todd Knecht
Dave Kirkey
Mark McFadden
AJ Tassi

Women's Doubles 501

1st - Cali West/Robin Curry
2nd - Jen Sims/Christina Bennett
3rd - Jen Williamson/Amy DeBruyne
4th - Stacy Bradley/Lisa Chute

Open 401 Doubles:

1st - Jim Graton/Jeff Weiskopff
2nd - Jon Farleo/Tony Burke
3rd - Kevin Alger/Todd Knecht
4th - Rick Mills/Chris Michalski

Women's Cricket Singles

1st - Robin Curry
2nd - Cali West
3rd - Erika Mardo
4th - Nikki DeFisher

Men's Cricket Singles:

1st - Jeff Weiskopff
2nd - Gene Walts
3/4 - Mike Falconer
Mike Nguyen
5-8 - Jim Graton
Rick Mills
Fred James
Elmer "Hoss" Kempt

Saturday Blind Draw

1st - Jeff Weiskopff/Tony Burke
2nd - Rick Mills/Nathan Evers
3rd - Andy Georgetti/Todd Knecht

4th - Christian Evers/Bill Evers

Thursday, May 9, 2019

Summer Sign-up and Blind Draw Tournament

GVDA Summer Season Sign-up and Blind Draw Tournament

Tuesday May 14th at McGinnity's. Sign-up for summer league and tournament starts at 7 pm.

Tournament open to ALL GVDA members in good standing - $5 buy in. 100% payback plus $240 added in. Format (single or double elimination) determined by turnout.

Not a member? You can play the summer season for only $5. To join for the rest of the year it would be $20.

Let us know if you need players or are looking for a team.

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

May Day Blind Draw Tournament Results

We had 10 teams for the second annual May Day Blind Draw.


1st:    Chris Simpson and Robert Stewart
2nd:   Amy DeBruyne and Pat Mangan
3rd:   Brian Lennox and Scott Chamberlain

Everyone shot great!!!

Thursday, April 25, 2019


Annual May Day Blind Draw Tournament (steel-tip)

Tuesday April 30th at Sunset Lanes. Sign-up begins at 7 pm and the tournament starts at 7:30.

THIS IS OPEN TO ALL DART SHOOTERS!! You do not need to be a member of the GVDA to play in this tournament.

$5 for GVDA members; $10 for non-GVDA members.

Format (double or single elimination) will be based on turnout, but the last 3 events have been double elimination. 100% payout plus $200 added in.

The event is set up on DartConnect so don't forget to check-in!