Thursday, April 23, 2015



Local ADO qualifier for the All Star Challenge and 501 Singles Championship - FREE to all GVDA members in good standing! All 501, round robin format to be determined by the number of participants. May 17th at Sunset Lanes. Sign-up at 11:00 a.m. with play starting at 11:45 a.m.

If you are not a GVDA member yet and want to play in the ADO qualifiers and other tournaments? Become a general member!

Winner(s) advance to the National/Regional Event to be held at the PACC on June 7th at the PACC in Syracuse. Winner of the National/Regional event goes to the National final to be held Friday August 7th in Stamford, CT. The USA Classic is the same weekend - always a great tournament!

Will try for a woman's bracket! Need 4 to hold a separate bracket.

Please let me (Amy DeBruyne) know if you will be attending or if you need to become a GVDA member!

via e-mail:
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via cell: 585-737-0117

Monday, April 20, 2015

4-man Steel Tip Tournament

Daniel Inman​ has planned a 4-man team steel tip event for Sunday June 14th at the PACC in Syracuse. It will be a combination of cricket an '01. final format and payouts coming soon. The 4-man team must be current members of the GVDA. $100 per team. If anyone is interested in putting a team together let me know.



Friday, April 17, 2015

2015 Rochester Open Results

Just wanted to thank everyone who came out to the 2015 Rochester Open! Attendance was up from last year and total payout was $ 3,736!! Looking forward to 2016!!

Here are the results:

Open 101:
1st. - Todd Crans
2nd - Milan Savic
Top 4 - Mark Conti
            Rich Neiman
Top 8 - John Nordquist
             Dan Houser
             Doc Tompkins
             Dave Keosaian

Blind Draw - Friday

1st - Milan Savic/Bill Shepard
2nd - Andy Georgetti/Andy Joss
3rd - Robert Stewart/Jason Arble
4th - Dale LaFrance/Tom Evers

Woman's 501 Singles

1st - Nita Buckshot
2nd - Just D
Top 4 - Amy DeBruyne
             Jennifer Williamson

Men's 501 Singles

1st - Todd Crans
2nd - Kevin Marcinkowski
Top 4 - John Davis
             Mike Gloss
Top 8 - Brandon Lambert
             Breck Fry
            Ian Shaw
            Jason McKenzie

Woman's Doubles 501

1st - Nita Buckshot/Just D
2nd - Amy DeBruyne/Jen Williamson
3rd - Christine Lichtenthal/Tiffany Neiman

Open 401 Doubles

1st - Johnny Lee/Alex Brandt
2nd - Dave Keosaian/Joe Rutsky
Top 4 - Mike Gloss/Brandon Lambert
            Jason McKenzieTodd Crans

Woman's Singles Cricket

1st - Amy DeBruyne
2nd - Tiffany Neiman
Top 4 - Jen Williamson
            Stacy Bradley

Men's Singles Cricket

1st - Ryan Morey
2nd - Joe Davis
Top 4 - John Weinreich
            Jason McKenzie
Top 8 - Tobin Bush
            Joe Rutsky
           Steve Neu
           Todd Crans

Blind Draw - Saturday

1st - John Weinreich/Brock Sturdevant
2nd - Kevin Alger/Ryan Morey
3rd - Jim Graton/Bill Evers
4th - Jennifer Joseph/Mike Platt
5th - Angelo Digiulio/Joe Fox
6th - Mike Gloss/Rich Bazer

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Rochester Open happening tomorrow!

The 4th Annual Rochester Open kicks off tomorrow at 7:00pm with the 101 singles! Looking forward to a great tournament!! Can't wait to see everyone!