Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Summer Season and Winter 2017 Championships

Interested in shooting the summer season but don't have a team put together? Let us know - we have at least one team already looking for one full time player or a couple of subs that can coordinate schedules over the season. Also, come down to the signup tournament to see if there's others looking.

Here are next week's finals

Metro: McGinnity's Gunners at Dog House Dirty Kids
Div A: Sunset Cut Men at Corner Sports Bar Island of Misfit Toys
Div B: Bathtub Billy's Army of the 12 Monkeys at Barnard Crossing Woodchucks

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Winter Season Playoffs

With the regular season settled, it's time for playoffs.

For those that didn't make it, the signup for summer season will be on May 9th at McGinnity's.

There will be a blind draw tournament open to all GVDA members, whether participating in the summer season or not, so come on down!

Also look for us at the Finger Lakes Celtic Games and Festival on May 20th in Farmington.

Here's the lineups for Tuesday April 25th:

Metro Division

  • McGinnity's Gunners at Casey Jones Team Mooky
  • McGinnity's Stepchildren at Dog House Dirty Kids

Division A

  • Mulconry's Highlanders at Corner Sports Bar Island of Misfit Toys
  • Mulconry's Let's Be Ins at Sunset Cut Men

Division B

  • Corner Sports Bar HITT Grapevine at Barnard Crossing Woodchucks
  • Bathtub Billy's Army of the 12 Monkeys at Bathtub Billy's Dart Bags