Wednesday, August 23, 2017


Results from the GVDA fall sign-up tournament:

1st place: Geoff Silkey and Joe Fox
2nd place: Reggie Rollo and Steve Neu
3rd place: Chris Simpson and Dave DeBruyne
4th place: Steve Ellingham and Alex Moran

There were a few noteables:  Geoff Silkey and Fred James both scored a 180 and Chris Simpson had a 9-count.


Monday, August 21, 2017

Fall Sign ups and tournament

Don't forget tomorrow is Fall sign ups and tournament  7pm sign ups  and 7:30pm start

Wednesday, August 2, 2017


Third ADO event of the year is for a spot on the 2018 America's Cup Team.

FREE GVDA local qualifier is on Saturday, August 19th. Sunset Lanes..11 am sign in with an 11:30 start. All 501; play all 3 legs. We will be sending the top 2 point finishers to the Regional on August 27th.

Open to all GVDA members in good standing.

Not a member? No problem! For $15 you can join the GVDA and be eligible to play any ADO QUALIFIER or GVDA sign up or mid-season tournament for the rest of the year.

With enough interest, I would be willing to run a paid qualifier for anyone outside of the local GVDA area who wants to come in from Syracuse or Buffalo. Would need a minimum of 5 people to hold it..$25 entry per person. Entry fee decreases if we get more entries.

Who is in??