Monday, December 30, 2019

Thursday, December 19, 2019

Holiday Blind Draw Results

Results from the Holiday blind draw this past Tueasday:

1st:  Chris Simpson and Reggie Rollo
2nd: Tom Fuino and Nick Maguire
3rd:  Joe Fox and Robert Stewart

Thanks to everyone who came out and played! See you all at the Annual sign-up on January 7, 2020!

Wishing everyone a safe and happy holiday!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Thursday, December 12, 2019



Sunset Lanes
December 17th

Open to all GVDA and non-GVDA members!! Special entry fee - $5 for everyone!

Sign-up starts at 7 and play begins at 7:30. Double elimination; Rochester format

This is a DartConnect - please go to the following link to check-in:

Wednesday, December 11, 2019


2nd Blind Draw coming up on Saturday 12/14 @ Sunset Lanes.

$8 per player, sign-up starts at 6, play starts at 6:30.

Open to all dart players!

Tuesday, October 29, 2019


There will be a monthly steel tip blind draw run by Dan Kane and Amy DeBruyne starting on November 23rd at Sunset Lanes.

$8 entry fee; Sunset is putting in $2 for every entry for a 125% payout. 

There will be drink specials and a $2 Mystery Out with carryover.

If we have less than 16 shooters it will be a singles tournament!

Dates are:


Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Fall Mid-season Results

Here are the results from the Fall mid-season tournament last night:

1st:  Bret Dussmann/Leo Dolitz
2nd: Scott Chamberlain/Pat Mangan
3rd: Chris Simpson/Bob Sheremeta

Great Shooting!

Vote for start time

Last night at mid-season it was announced that we are putting to a vote for the MANDATORY start time for division A and B. This vote is for non-metro teams. The MANDATORY start time currently is 7:30pm . It is already an option to start earlier if both team captains agree. The vote is to change the MANDATORY start time from 7:30pm to 7:00pm . Team captains please put your teams vote in the comments section of your score log entry before November 19th 2019 . The vote has to be a majority vote . Please vote for 7:30 , 7:00pm or I don't care . Voting I don't care, makes your team vote go to the majority vote. So please talk to your team and put a vote in.

Monday, October 21, 2019


Fall mid-season blind draw tournament is at Sunset Lanes on October 22nd! Sign-ups begins at 7 with play starting at 7:30.

Open to all GVDA members in good standing (even if you aren't playing the fall season). $5 entry fee; 100% + $240 for the payout. Format (single or double elimination and number of places paid) determined by the turn out.

Monday, October 7, 2019


Two of our GVDA members did well in the recent Lake Erie Classic Dart Tournament. Here are teh results:

Johnny Lee Jenkins:

1st:  501 Singles and 501 Doubles
Top 8:  Mixed Trips

Scott Fuller:

2nd:  Cricket Singles
Top 8:  501 Singles, Blind Draw, 501 Doubles
Top 16:  Cricket Doubles

Great shooting!!

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Fall Sign-up Tournament Results

Great showing for the tournament..15 teams!!


1st: Johnny Lee and Reggie Rollo
2nd:  Glenn Wilson and Bill Hagan
3rd:  Chris Simpson and Jon Bumbarger
4th: Pat Mangan and Bud Clark

Great shooting!!

Saturday, August 31, 2019

Monday, August 26, 2019


Fall League sign-up and Blind Draw tournament is tomorrow..August 27th at Sunset Lanes. 7 pm!

No player dues are due unless just playing for the fall. Dues for the Fall only is $15. Tavern Fee is $60. Membership makes you eligible for any remaining tournaments and ADO qualifiers.

Tournament is open to all GVDA players (rostered or general members). $5 to play. 100% payout plus  $240.  Blind draw, Rochester format, single/double elimination determined by turnout.

Looking for a team or tavern? Let us know..we can help!

Sunday, July 7, 2019


Summer season mid-season tournament is coming up Tuesday July 9th at McGinnity's.

7 pm sign-up; 7:30 start time

Blind draw. Format (single or double elimination) determined by turnout. $5 to play. 100% payback plus $240 added to the pot.

Open to all GVDA members in good season - even if you are not playing the summer season. Not a problem! Pay your dues at sign-up to be a general member and you can play this tournament as well as the rest of the sign-up and mid-season tournaments and the remaining two ADO qualifiers.

Friday, May 17, 2019

Summer Sign-up Blind Draw Results

We had 9 teams for the Summer Sign-up Blind Draw Tournament and here are the results:

1st - Chris Simpson and Michael Nguyen
2nd - Nick Maguire and Dale LaFrance
3rd - Steve Ellingham and Dave McCrarry

Good shooting!!

2019 Rochester Open Results

Complete 2019 Rochester Open Results:

101 Singles:

1st - Steve Neu
2nd - Micheal Morgan
3/4 - Steve Zollweg
Matthew Holt
5-8 - Kevin Alger
Doug Chapman
John Murphy
Alex Moran

Friday Blind Draw:

1st - Elmer Kempt/Jon Farleo
2nd - Chris Simpson/Matthew Holt
3rd - Steve Neu/Matt Herne
4th - Dale LaFrance/Clayton Crout

Women's 501 Singles:

1st - Cali West
2nd - Erica Mardo
3rd - Robin Curry
4th - Christina Bennett

Men's Singles 501

1st - Michael Nguyen
2nd - Howard Minor
3/4 - Gene Walts
Jeff Weiskopff
5-8 - Todd Knecht
Dave Kirkey
Mark McFadden
AJ Tassi

Women's Doubles 501

1st - Cali West/Robin Curry
2nd - Jen Sims/Christina Bennett
3rd - Jen Williamson/Amy DeBruyne
4th - Stacy Bradley/Lisa Chute

Open 401 Doubles:

1st - Jim Graton/Jeff Weiskopff
2nd - Jon Farleo/Tony Burke
3rd - Kevin Alger/Todd Knecht
4th - Rick Mills/Chris Michalski

Women's Cricket Singles

1st - Robin Curry
2nd - Cali West
3rd - Erika Mardo
4th - Nikki DeFisher

Men's Cricket Singles:

1st - Jeff Weiskopff
2nd - Gene Walts
3/4 - Mike Falconer
Mike Nguyen
5-8 - Jim Graton
Rick Mills
Fred James
Elmer "Hoss" Kempt

Saturday Blind Draw

1st - Jeff Weiskopff/Tony Burke
2nd - Rick Mills/Nathan Evers
3rd - Andy Georgetti/Todd Knecht

4th - Christian Evers/Bill Evers

Thursday, May 9, 2019

Summer Sign-up and Blind Draw Tournament

GVDA Summer Season Sign-up and Blind Draw Tournament

Tuesday May 14th at McGinnity's. Sign-up for summer league and tournament starts at 7 pm.

Tournament open to ALL GVDA members in good standing - $5 buy in. 100% payback plus $240 added in. Format (single or double elimination) determined by turnout.

Not a member? You can play the summer season for only $5. To join for the rest of the year it would be $20.

Let us know if you need players or are looking for a team.

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

May Day Blind Draw Tournament Results

We had 10 teams for the second annual May Day Blind Draw.


1st:    Chris Simpson and Robert Stewart
2nd:   Amy DeBruyne and Pat Mangan
3rd:   Brian Lennox and Scott Chamberlain

Everyone shot great!!!

Thursday, April 25, 2019


Annual May Day Blind Draw Tournament (steel-tip)

Tuesday April 30th at Sunset Lanes. Sign-up begins at 7 pm and the tournament starts at 7:30.

THIS IS OPEN TO ALL DART SHOOTERS!! You do not need to be a member of the GVDA to play in this tournament.

$5 for GVDA members; $10 for non-GVDA members.

Format (double or single elimination) will be based on turnout, but the last 3 events have been double elimination. 100% payout plus $200 added in.

The event is set up on DartConnect so don't forget to check-in!

Wednesday, March 6, 2019


Hello Dart Shooters!

Here are the results from the recent ADO qualifier and last nights Winter Mid-season Blind Draw Tournament.

ADO qualifier:

First place went to Mike "Data" Nguyen and Dale LaFrance took second in a tiebreaker over Chris Simpson. Mike and Dale will represent Rochester in the upcoming Regional tournament on 3/16.

Winter Mid-season Tournament:

We had 20 shooters and paid the top 3:

1st:   Steve Ellingham/Reg Rollo
2nd:  Andy Joss/Eric Popp
3rd:   Ed Day/Chris Simpson

Rochester Open is coming up in May - stay tuned for more details!

Sunday, March 3, 2019

Winter Season mid-season Blind Draw Tournament

Winter Season Mid-season Blind Draw Tournament is Tuesday March 5th at Sunset Lanes.

Sign-up is at 7 pm and play starts at 7:30. $5 per player - open to all GVDA members in good standing. Format (single or double elimination) determined by participation.

The tournament is on Dart Connect so make sure to check-in!!

Sign-up is at 7 pm and play starts at 7:30. $5 per player - open to all GVDA members in good standing. Format (single or double elimination) determined by participation.e

Not a member yet?? Become a general member for $30 and you will be eligible or all sign-up and mid-season tournaments as well as all ADO qualifiers.

See one of the board members on Tuesday to become a general member.

Hope to see you there!

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

ADO Qualifier coming up on the 24th

First GVDA ADO qualifier is coming up this Sunday the 24th at Sunset Lanes. Sign-in at 11:30-noon start time.

All 501, round robin format if under 11 players. If we have 12 or more we will break the group into 2 brackets with the top 3 players from each going to a final round robin bracket. Play all 3 legs.

Open to all GVDA players in good standing. If you aren't a member you can become a general member for $30. This will make you eligible for all ADO qualifiers, mid-season and sign-up tournaments.You can pay at the qualifier on Sunday.

We will be sending the top 2 finishers to the Regional to be held on 3/16 in Syracuse.

If you have any questions please contact Amy at

Hope to see you there!

Saturday, January 19, 2019


Schedules are posted on the website and the league is set up o DartConnect!

Get your season pass ($20 per team) now!

Monday, January 14, 2019

Winter Season

Winter season starts on January 22nd...schedules will be posted later this week.

Sunday, January 13, 2019


First ADO qualifier of 2019 will be held Sunday February 24th at Sunset Lanes. Sign in at 11:30 am; play starts at noon.

All 501, round robin format-play all 3 legs. If we have more than 11 players there will be 2 brackets with the top 3 from each going to a final round robin bracket. We are sending the top 2 players to Regional to be held on March 16th in Syracuse.

FREE to all GVDA players in good standing!! Not a member yet? No problem! $30 will make you eligible for all ADO qualifiers, all mid-season and sign-up tournaments. You can pay the day of the event or send via PayPal to
Send via friends and family and please put your name in the notes so I know who you are :)

Wednesday, January 9, 2019


Here are the results from the Blind Draw tournament we had at the GVDA annual and winter season sign-up last night:

1st place: Steve Ellingham/Dale LaFrance
2nd place: Amy DeBruyne/Chris Simpson
3rd place:  Reg Rollo and Kevin Conner
4th place: Ed Day and Pat Mangan

We are still accepting rosters for the 2019 GVDA Winter season. Anyone interested in playing the ADO qualifiers can sign up as a general member for $30! Please contact us for more information.

Sunday, January 6, 2019

GVDA Annual Sign-up and Blind Draw Tournament

Annual Sign-up and Blind Draw Tournament happening January 8th at Sunset Lanes.

Sign-up for both league, general membership and the blind draw tournament starts at 7 pm. Tournament draw happens at 7:30.
Please bring membership dues, completed roster and tavern dues.

Full year dues is $30; Winter season only is $15.
General membership is $30
Blind Draw Tournament is $5 - format based on turnout

All members are eligible for sign-up and mid-season tournaments as well as the ADO qualifiers. You don't need to be on a roster to play these events - be a general member and be eligible for all of them!

Looking for a team or a tavern to play out of? Let us know!! We can help - we have people looking for teams, teams looking for people and taverns looking for teams.

Anyone wishing to be a general member who cannot attend Tuesday can send in their dues via PayPal to

Hope to see you there!

Thursday, January 3, 2019

Winter 2019 Season

Calling all current and former dart players, young and old and everywhere in between, to join us in our 5th decade of league darts in the Rochester area! The Sign up sheet for the new season is now available to download.

If you are on your own (or perhaps a couple people who want to shoot together) and you are looking for a team to join then please just send us an email - we do already have teams anxiously looking for players. Alternatively, come on down to the sign up event and tournament at Sunset Lanes on Tuesday January 8th. We'll be there from 7pm onwards and will be able to find you a team that makes for a good fit.

The blind draw tournament is $5 entry and the GVDA is adding $240 to the prize pool. All money is paid out. Exact number of payouts and format will be set based on turnout as usual. If you are signing up for a team or are joining as a general member you are eligible to play.