Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Your contact info when logging your weekly scores

 Hey everyone!

When logging your weekly scores you will see a "share your contact info" right below log your score. Take a few minutes to fill this out so other captains will know how to reach you in case they have to reschedule etc. 


Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Shirts for sale

By popular demand, we have put up our inventory of shirts from past Rochester Opens and other occasions for those that want to reserve one.

Visit the store front for details!

Monday, January 10, 2022

Winter Season Blind Draw Results and Winter Season Schedule

The winter season schedule is up!

Per the current NYS mandate a tavern may require people to wear a mask and/or show proof of vaccination for COVID19. It is up to the captains or captains designee to find out what the requirement is and comply.

We understand this may cause potential issues with a team not having enough players resulting in some matches having to be forfeited. We want to try and avoid forfeits so for the Winter Season only if you only have 3 players you can still play the full match! For the two doubles matches the two people who have already played will splash; the person with the highest score will play. For the last singles match, all three players will splash and the one with the highest score will play.

 Splashing rules:

    *  Hold 2 darts in one hand and throw at the board at the same time

    *  Both must count or you will need to re-throw

We also built in a make-up week to the schedule to give teams a chance to schedule a make-up match on our regular dart night.

Winter Season Blind Draw results:

1st:  Joe Fox and Robert Stewart

2nd: Jonathan Long and Dave Kirkey

3rd: Dave McCrary and Nick Maguire

4th: Tom Fuino and Ron Pospisil