Monday, November 28, 2016

December's board meeting date change

December's board meeting date has been changed from December 1st to December 8th , Remember open door policy if you have ideal's or want to discuss any thing with the board come on out to Mcginnity's on west ridge road

Rule of the Week 11-28-2016

What happens when you only have four team member's and one of them have to leave early ?

section 5 - the match  part 3

Deviation from the order is permitted by consent of the two captains.

Metro division !st week of Playoffs

Rookie's One More at McGinnity's Gunners and Willow West Side Boys at McGinnity's Stepchildren

Dog House Dirty Kids and Casey Jones Team Mooky both have off

Good luck

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

ADO Region 5-2 Cricket Regional update; GVDA mid-season update; 2017

Hi everyone!


The ADO 5-2 Cricket Regional was this past Saturday (11/5) and boy what a tough room! We had 10 shooters, which included our very own Dale LaFrance and Robert Stewart. The top spot went to Mat Malone, an Independent ADO member, 2nd went to Ryan Morey from STDL, 3rd went to Robert Stewart (yeah!!) and 4th went to Greg Von Lienen from TCNY

Mat is advancing to the cricket final in Vegas in late January! We had an extra $220 entry fees and the 2nd, 3rd and 4th place finishers were given the opportunity to pay the difference and advance. Ryan and Greg were unable to, but Robert is seizing the opportunity to play in the National final!


The results for 1st and 2nd were recently posted, but some people have asked to see the 3rd and 4th place finishers as well so here you go:

1st:     Steve Ellingham/Pat Mangan
2nd:    Ron Pospisil/Johnny Lee
3rd:     Craig Foster/Dan Houser
4th:     Dave McCrary/Geoff Silkey


Dates to put on your calendar:

      Rochester Open:    March 31st and April 1st...$5000+ guaranteed payout!
      Winter sign-up and tourney:     January 3rd. Yearly dues of $30 will be due
      Syracuse Open:     February 17th-19th

The full 2017 GVDA Calendar is now available.

Look for information on upcoming ADO qualifiers as well


The November board meeting has been moved to tonight, Wednesday, 11/9 at 7pm. Location will remain the same...McGinnity's

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Rule of the week 11-8-2016

Shooting the Bull

If both player's darts land within the double bull the throw is a tie and a rethrow is made (second thrower now throwing first.) If both darts land within the single bull the throw is tied and a rethrow is made as above. If one player's dart lands within the single bull and one player's dart lands within the double bull, the double bull wins.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Rule of the week 11-1-2016

Throwing for the Bull - Part 1
1) All legs begin with the opposing players throwing for the bull. The chalker is responsible for determining which dart is closer to the bull. Darts MAY NOT be touched until AFTER a decision has been made. A player touching a dart in the board before that decision loses the throw.

2) The home team has the option of throwing for the bull first to begin the first leg of all games. The loser of the first leg has the same option to begin the second leg. If a third leg is needed, the visiting team has the option.

3) Only players named to play in the game may throw for the bull. In doubles, only one player from each team throws for the bull.