Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Addressing issues with C Division matches becoming long nights.

Addressing issues with C Division matches becoming long nights.

It has been brought to the boards attention by numerous captains and players in the C division that matches night are taking too long to get through. A number of things are contributing to the length of the evening, but a big item was teams having issues hitting double outs in 01 games.

To help alleviate this issue, we are going to give a pilot run to a new rule that was suggested by a member of C division team. Hopefully this rule will help speed play along and it reads as follows:

4. Game rules
H. Special Out Provision For Teams in the Lowest Division
  1. This rule is in place to help the speed of play in the lowest division and may not be used in any other division.
  2. In 01 games (301, 401, & 501), when both teams have reached a score of 40 or less, they will then have 6 rounds to take out a double out. Should neither team take out a double, the game will be decided by a three dart “shoot-off”.
    1. In Singles, this is 6 turns per player and in doubles it is three turns per player. Once both teams are left with 40 or less, the score keeper will begin counting rounds
  3. until either an out is hit or the 6 rounds are exhausted and then it goes to the shoot-off. For the shoot-off, each player will shoot 3 darts and the highest total score will be
  4. awarded the leg.
    1. In doubles matches, the player to throw the shoot-off would be the player who would have shot next in line .
  5. Should captains choose not to use this rule, both captains will need to agree before the match begins.

This rule will be in effect for the second half of this season and is a pilot effort. We would like to see how it works before we make it a permanent addition to the rule book.

If you have questions or concerns please call the hot line (461-9240).

In addition to this new rule, we will be calling all C division captains this week to consider moving the start time of matches from 7:30 to 7:00.

Lastly, to help keep play moving please remember to be ready play when it is your turn to shoot and try to limit your breaks and trips to the bar to when you arent supposed to be at the line.

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