Sunday, January 5, 2014

Winter Season Reminder

What: Winter Season Signup and Tournament
Where: Sunset Lanes
When: 7pm Tuesday January 7th

Reminder!!! Team registrations and tournament entries start at 7pm.

  • Tournament will be $5 entry and is open to GVDA members whose dues are paid on the night.
  • Payout and tournament format will depend upon number of entries. $240 + 100% is guaranteed.
  • Tournament registration closes at 7:40; play should start at about 7:45. We can take team registrations as long as we are there. 

Please fill out as much info as you can for each team member on the registration form; we have encountered many out–of–date phone numbers and email addresses. You can download a copy of the form here to prepare it in advance.

 If you are interested in steel tip darts at all, come down and see us all there any time 7-11pm.