Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Weather Postponement

In light of the continued ban on all unnecessary travel, the fact that 490 is closed and the weather radar that calls for continuing snow until at least 6pm the GVDA has decided to postpone darts for this evening. Please inform your taverns in the event that may want to close. Matches will be made up in week 9 as part of a double points night as the schedule is an exact duplicate of tonight's schedule. Alternatively, if captains agree, matches can be made in a different manner. Options include playing on a different night or, if the tavern has 2 boards, 2 matches can be played simultaneously rather than counting each individual match as 2 points. If you choose one of these alternatives to make up your match please inform the GVDA via email or by putting a note on the score reporting portal. Thanks. Stay safe and warm.