Thursday, August 18, 2016

Rule of the Week

Been thinking about starting the " Rule of the week " back up , so with the new season coming up i wanted to start with chalking .

 Chalker’s Responsibilities 
1) The chalker’s function is to keep score. Engaging in other activities while chalking is not allowed. Chalkers are to face the dartboard, keep movements to a minimum and be considerate of the thrower.
 2) A chalker must not distract the player at the hockey. A chalker may not stare at the shooter, lean in to check the score between darts thrown, or speak without being requested to do so.
 3) A chalker may not in any way advise the thrower on outs, shot choice or strategy. When asked, a chalker may advise the thrower as to points scored and points remaining only. Such information is not official and the player acts upon it at his/her own risk.
 4) It is permissible for other players or spectators to advise the thrower, upon request, during the match. 
5) If you must use a calculator, cell phone, automatic dart scorer, or other device to help do math: 
a. Please do not enter any darts, scores, or values into it until the shooter has thrown all three darts.
 b. Please use these as quickly as possible not to delay the game

Thank you for your time ,  if you have a suggestion for us to post a "Rule of the Week" please let me know