Saturday, September 2, 2017

Fall season 2017

If you have a team and would like to play, there is a slot available. Also let us know if you are looking for an extra player to make up your roster. We have people looking for places. Thanks.

Here's our first week of matches this coming Tuesday, September 5th:

Corner Sports Bar Island of Misfit Toys at Corner Sports Bar Dirty Kids
McGinnity's Stepchildren at McGinnity's Gunners
Casey Jones Team Mooky at Rookie's Katie's 4 Hard Tips

Division A

Mulconry's Highlanders at Mulconry's Let's Be Ins
Sunset Cut Men at McGinnity's Lebowski
BYE at Mason's Bulls Deep

Division B

Bathtub Billy's Army of the 12 Monkeys at Bathtub Billy's Dart Bags
Barnard Crossing Woodchucks at Mayfields Mayhem

Best of luck to all. Shoot well!