Saturday, September 3, 2022

Fall Season Begins!

 The schedule for the new season is now up. A couple notes about the season:

We are keeping in place our provisions introduced last year for navigating any unexpected COVID impact. There is a makeup week built in to the schedule at the end of regular home and away play to help teams play matches that have to be rescheduled.

To help prevent matches being rescheduled in the first place, in such exceptional circumstances we have a special provision in place so that a team may complete a night with 3 players. As before the extra player required in the doubles 501, doubles 301 (2nd doubles cork's choice in metro) and singles cork's choice games will be decided by players splashing - however once a player has been selected for an extra game in this manner they can not play any more extra matches. Hopefully that is clear but here are the specific scenarios (and stay with me here!):

  • Prior to Doubles 501: The two players that played the doubles cricket will splash, with the higher score playing doubles 501 with the 3rd player.
  • Prior to Doubles 301/2nd Doubles Cork's Choice:
    1. If the player that won the first splash (for doubles 501) played in the doubles cork's choice (1st one in metro), the other cork's choice doubles player will play in the doubles 301 / 2nd doubles cork's choice and the remaining player will play the singles cork's choice game.
    2. If the player that won the first splash (for doubles 501) did not play in the doubles cork's choice, then the two players who have not yet played an extra match will splash again, with the higher scoring player playing the doubles 301 and the lower scoring player playing the single cork's choice game.
Simply put, each player will play 4 times in non-metro (in metro the 401 doubles match is considered separate as always).

Splashing rules:

    *  Hold 2 darts in one hand and throw at the board at the same time

    *  Both must count or you will need to re-throw

Thanks to anyone getting this far and have a great season of darts! Hope to see you at midseason and/or our holiday tournament on December 20th!