Thursday, August 13, 2015

Fall Season Signup

The fall season registration form is available here.

(Captains/Team Representative is REQUIRED  at signup on August 25th)

Tavern fees are now $60 for the season. We will be operating a board replacement program whereby each tavern receives high quality boards to ensure the best board quality for league play.

The bottom division only will be changing the format of 301 and 501 games:

We are going to experiment with a new format for the Fall season for the lowest division only.  The changes are to 501 and 301 games (both singles and doubles, and wherever played in a cork’s choice event).

501. Traditional Open/Single In, Double Out (OIDO/SIDO), this will now be Open/Single In, Open/Single Out (OIOO/SISO). To win the leg, a player must score the exact score remaining and can end on a single, double or triple. However, if a player scores more than the remaining amount left in their turn, the player is bust and no score shall count for the round.

301. Traditional Double In, Double Out (DIDO), this will now be Open/Single In, Double Out (OIDO/SIDO). Players no longer need to get a double to start reducing their score from 301. However they are still required to score a double to end the leg.

Online scoring system testing
After a successful summer season pilot, we are looking to beta test the online scoring system using the GVDA website. It is possible that we will move fully online but for now we would like you to submit scores using both methods.

IMPORTANT: Until notified otherwise, after each match you MUST CALL IN YOUR SCORE as per the current STANDARD process . STANDARD process is to call one of the voicemail lines (461-9240 or 461-9290) before 7pm on the following day (Wednesday). If you fail to call in your score, you will not be credited for any points for the week unless your opponents for the week do manage to call in a valid score. Feedback about the online system is highly encouraged.

To be given access privileges to the scoring system, you must first be a registered user. To register as a user, go the and follow links to ‘Log In’ (Top right) and then ‘Register here’.

You will be prompted to enter an email address. This will be used to recover forgotten passwords and receive proof of score submission emails so it is essential that a correct email is entered. Choose a username and password that you will use to log into the system.

Once you have been assigned access rights to a particular team you will be notified and will notice additional links available to you in the secure section when logged in.

Score Submission
Follow the ‘Log your score’ link. On Tuesdays and Wednesdays this page will allow you to enter scores for the week. Use the dropdown to select 0-8 (or 10 in Metro) or Win by Forfeit (making sure you call the hotline first for authorization). Add any notables in the space provided and submit the form. You will be sent a confirmation email and can also review your score submissions as stored in the system.

The score submission page is only active on Tuesday and Wednesday. Scores can be submitted up until 7pm on Wednesday, after which only notables can be submitted.