Thursday, January 3, 2019

Winter 2019 Season

Calling all current and former dart players, young and old and everywhere in between, to join us in our 5th decade of league darts in the Rochester area! The Sign up sheet for the new season is now available to download.

If you are on your own (or perhaps a couple people who want to shoot together) and you are looking for a team to join then please just send us an email - we do already have teams anxiously looking for players. Alternatively, come on down to the sign up event and tournament at Sunset Lanes on Tuesday January 8th. We'll be there from 7pm onwards and will be able to find you a team that makes for a good fit.

The blind draw tournament is $5 entry and the GVDA is adding $240 to the prize pool. All money is paid out. Exact number of payouts and format will be set based on turnout as usual. If you are signing up for a team or are joining as a general member you are eligible to play.