Sunday, January 6, 2019

GVDA Annual Sign-up and Blind Draw Tournament

Annual Sign-up and Blind Draw Tournament happening January 8th at Sunset Lanes.

Sign-up for both league, general membership and the blind draw tournament starts at 7 pm. Tournament draw happens at 7:30.
Please bring membership dues, completed roster and tavern dues.

Full year dues is $30; Winter season only is $15.
General membership is $30
Blind Draw Tournament is $5 - format based on turnout

All members are eligible for sign-up and mid-season tournaments as well as the ADO qualifiers. You don't need to be on a roster to play these events - be a general member and be eligible for all of them!

Looking for a team or a tavern to play out of? Let us know!! We can help - we have people looking for teams, teams looking for people and taverns looking for teams.

Anyone wishing to be a general member who cannot attend Tuesday can send in their dues via PayPal to

Hope to see you there!